Do you have #PCOS?

Do you have PCOS? Up to 1 in 10 women in the US alone have PCOS. Symptoms include: #Weight Gain #Fatigue #Excess Hair #Acne #Ovarian Cysts #Pelvic pain #Headaches #Sleeping Problems #Missed periods These are caused by ovarian hormone imbalances They put you at risk for Diabetes Heart Disease Infertility Obesity Dr. Schapiro and Desiree…
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Make the Second 50 Years Your Best 50 Years

We have all worked hard the first 50 years, getting through our education, starting and growing careers, managing family ... Now, when it is finally time to enjoy the fruits of all of this labor, our bodies often start to turn on us. One of the most common issues for my menopausal patients is painful…
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What is Wrong with this Photo?

Unfortunately, this photo reflects what we all do in our effort to take care of everyone around us. If you are still holding your phone and talking or texting while driving, make yourself STOP. It is as bad or worse than driving drunk. The people to whom or for whom you are rushing need you…
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