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Taking It To The Next Level

What does taking it to the next level mean? Before I opened my own gynecology practice, I had no idea what taking it to the next level meant. Now, after one year of delivering women’s health care the way I want to, I am definitely taking it to the next level. 1. Over the course…
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July 2017

Thank you Dr. Schapiro.  The day after my procedure (ablation) I woke up pain free and I am going to work.  Thank you so much.
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More Fibroids for Fibroid Awareness Month

Today, women with fibroids often have many options, high tech, low tech, open, robotic, hysteroscopic, medication and just following them.  Make sure that your physician discusses several options with you. This morning I used an instrument called a Myosure Excel. It allowed me to take out a 2.5 cm fibroid from the uterine cavity in…
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