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Fibroids and Fertility (2)

How do you decide how to have your fibroids removed if they are interfering with your ability to get pregnant or if you just want to keep the option of pregnancy open? If you are lucky enough to have all of your fibroids in your uterine lining and they are of a size that can…
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Fertility and Fibroids (1)

It is never easy to decide to have surgery. ¬†For women whose fibroids are interfering with their dream of having a child, it can often be the best option. ¬†Women considering an expensive and invasive in vitro fertilization procedure have gotten pregnant with no medications after having fibroids removed. As you can see in the…
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First Heart Beat

On Friday, we were thrilled to see our first heartbeat. I had seen this young woman the month prior for a fertility discussion and to begin an evaluation. We discussed timing and an ovulation predictor kit. She used the ovulation predictor kit. She and her partner were both in town this month and BINGO -…
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