Overview of Services

It is often more comfortable and less expensive to have in-office procedures than going to the hospital. We offer a variety of procedures, many of which can be done right here, with office anesthesia. Late hours, Saturday hours, a friendly staff, and industry leading knowledge combine to provide Atlanta's best gynecological experience.

  • Fertility


    All of us at Ideal Gynecology understand how upsetting it can be to have difficulty getting pregnant.  We will review…

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  • Fibroids


    Fibroids are a tumor, or over growth, of uterine muscle, often with the consistency of a rubber ball. Fibroids can…

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  • Gracias Monica

    Gracias Monica

    Monica, Muchas gracias por el tiempo que ha dedicado q resonder mis preguntas sin tener la obligacion de hacer lo.…

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  • Hysterectomy


    Hysterectomy means removing the uterus.  Today there are many options to consider before having a hysterectomy and even when you…

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  • International Patients

    International Patients

    Dr. Schapiro has an international reputation and has patients travel from as far as Africa and the Middle East to…

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  • Irregular bleeding

    Irregular bleeding

    The challenges of diagnosis and treatment of irregular bleeding are one of Dr. Schapiro's favorites. Initial evaluation includes a history…

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  • Late Hours

    Late Hours

    We will be seeing patients until 6 pm on Wednesdays.

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  • Medicare


    We are pleased to continue to care for our patients once they start Medicare.  We offer preventive exams, well woman…

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  • Menopause


    There is too much to say about menopause to put in this space.  Every woman experiences menopause in her own…

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