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Join The Cycle

Believe it or not, young women in the United States miss school because they don't have sanitary pads or tampons. I know that happens in poor countries, but you don't have to leave town to find young women in this predicament. Feminine products are the least donated products to homeless shelters. I am proud to…
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You are Normal

Don't let the media make you feel bad about yourself.  And don't use killer baby powder! This is a great article about vaginal health.
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Afraid to Wear White

Do terrible periods make you afraid to wear white? Do any of these describe your symptoms? Soaking through 1 or more maxi pad or tampons every hour. Periods lasting longer than 3 days from your usual pattern. Needing to double up on pads or tampons. Presence of quarter-sized blood clots during period. One of “most”…
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