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July is Fibroid Awareness Month

In my office, every month is fibroid awareness month. ¬†Yesterday, I spoke with patients with fibroids of many sizes and offered them many options ranging from doing nothing all the way to a hysterectomy with many choices between. Fibroids may bother women in a variety of ways. ¬†The most common problems are heavy bleeding and…
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Bleeding Through Your Clothes

On Friday, I did four procedures in the office for women who had bled through their clothes more than once. Whether you are a homemaker or president of a corporation, the bleeding of perimenopause often poses a huge challenge. Sometimes birth control pills do the trick and fix the problem. Many women do not tolerate…
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Heavy Periods

Today, like most days, I saw women of many ages suffering from heavy periods. It is not uncommon for some women to soak through a tampon AND a pad in less than an hour. This interferes with work and play. Many women wait until they have had a terribly embarrassing moment before taking the time…
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