Ms. Garren,

I cannot fully express my gratitude regarding your concerned persistence with the "crazy IUD X-ray" situation I recently brought to your practice! That being said, I'll make a fool's effort to try.

Firstly, I have so much respect for you and your field; the bedside manners needed to deliver difficult news is a skill I can only dream of possessing. But my heart fills with admiration when reflecting on your mastery of said talent! It must be built into your nature... thank Jesus, Mary, and Joseph for individuals like yourself!

Secondly, I so appreciate that you took the time to reach out to colleagues for other opinions and different experiences with a tall matter... your humility is so appreciated and inspiring.

Lastly, it brings me joy to reflect on my pelvic exam and sonogram --> says no one but me! Your empathy, truly feeling and relating to my anxiety, is second to none! Every time I think of the cheering in the exam room (to be heard by the reception) brings a smile to my face!

I haven't said it yet, but:

THANK YOU for doing what you do!

THANK YOU for being you!

THANK YOU for treating me like family!

In warm regards,